Online CFT Training (How we are Adapting our Business Model during Covid-19).


Online CFT  Training Events in the post Covid-19 Era

Thinking on our feet, changing mid-stream and putting out fires is the very essence of what an event manager does.  So whilst Covid-19 has presented us with perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced as an industry, we are well equipped to deal with it.  Here are some things EventWise NI are doing right now to ensure we are leading the pack when lockdown restrictions ease.

Venues with implemented Hygiene and Social Distancing Measures

EventWise NI have been working with all of our venues to ensure government regulated guidelines on hygiene and social distancing have been implemented.  As a leader in event management we have been in regular contact with venues, receiving floor plans, action plans and handbooks on how our vendors and partners are readying themselves for our upcoming events.

Cutting Edge E-vents

We have upskilled our knowledge of online digital event technology and have launched some exciting digital events with our online CFT events!  We are of the belief that nothing will ever replace the face to face connection of live events, but have discovered the opportunity to move a few of our workshops online, implementing unique and innovative event experiences for our e-delegates.  We are also investigating how to further combine digital technology with live events to provide our attendees with a more robust live and technologically integrated experience.

Trust and Safety

As leaders in the field to Event Management, the trust and safety of our clients, speakers and attendees is at the forefront of our company’s ethos.  We are ensuring we stay up to date with daily updates and government guidelines so we can stay abreast of all the latest developments in the industry.

As always, our innovation and experience continues to inform our development as a company and our event management vision. We are excited about the future with our Online CFT Training Events and we look forward to launch a new era of EventWise NI events once this worldwide crisis is behind us.

For more information on any of our upcoming events, please contact us today.

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