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Staff Wellbeing

Our Staff Wellbeing Workshops ensure your team a restored sense of connection, calm, safeness and self-compassion.


Our retreats serve as a beacon for those seeking to enhance their professional skills, forge stronger team bonds, or embark on a personal journey of growth and self-discovery.

Destination Management

Our Destination Management service offers unparalleled expertise in creating unforgettable experiences across the vibrant landscapes of Ireland.

RetreatWiseNI : Embrace the Journey of Growth and Connection

At EventWise NI, we believe in the transformative power of retreats. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the beautiful island of Ireland, our retreats offer a sanctuary for teams and individuals seeking growth, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with themselves and others. From dynamic team-building exercises in the great outdoors to introspective therapists and personal development retreats, each experience is crafted to foster understanding, compassion, and collective growth.

Horn Head

Types of Retreats Offered

Our retreats are designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that every participant finds a path to personal and professional enrichment.

Team Building Retreats

Discover the strength and potential of your team through activities that challenge and unite. Nestled in nature’s serenity, our outdoor team-building games and leadership exercises not only boost morale but also enhance collaboration and communication skills.

Therapist Retreats

For professionals in the therapeutic field, our retreats offer invaluable opportunities for development and renewal. Specialising in compassion-based approaches to self-practice, these retreats provide an immersive learning environment to hone your skills and reconnect with your core therapeutic values.

Personal Development Retreats

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our personal development retreats. Through compassion based self-practice workshops, participants are encouraged to explore new perspectives, foster emotional resilience, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion.

Retreat, Donegal Ireland

Unique Features of Our Retreats

Choosing EventWise NI means immersing yourself in an environment where growth and wellness are intertwined with the natural beauty of the breathtaking island of Ireland. Our retreats are uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of each group or individual, offering a personalised approach to development and well-being.

Benefits of Choosing EventWise NI for Your Retreat

Our expertly designed retreat programs are more than just getaways; they are transformative experiences that promote well-being, understanding, and team cohesion. With dedicated support from experienced facilitators and therapists, each retreat is an opportunity to create lasting memories and impactful results. Whether seeking professional development or personal growth, EventWise NI provides the perfect setting to rejuvenate, connect, and thrive.

About Us

Experience seamless event management with Eventwise NI, a premier conference and event management company in the UK. Say goodbye to the stress of organizing and managing events on your own. From large-scale corporate conferences to intimate team-building exhibitions, we handle it all.

Our comprehensive services cover everything from venue selection to negotiating the best prices, coordinating delegate travel, arranging catering, entertainment, and managing presentations and breakout sessions.

Whether you’re planning for a small audience of 50 or orchestrating a grand annual conference for over 3,000 attendees, we excel in delivering engaging and memorable events tailored to your needs. Trust Eventwise NI for stress-free event planning and flawless execution, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

EventWise NI also offer highly rated Psychology Training all over the world and work with world-leading expert trainers and practitioners.  We specialise in CFT, EMDR & ACT Training and provide live & interactive online training classes, recorded webinars, face to face workshops and CPD certificates.  We regularly add trainings to our website so make sure you subscribe to get regular updates. 


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Upcoming Events

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Why Choose us for Events?


Our Professionalism

We are professionals in all aspects of our work. We take a proactive & dedicated approach to event management and ensure that your event is planned with the same professionalism as if you were doing it yourself.

Our Hands-On Support

We are hands on during all times of the event planning & management process. We project manage your event from start to finish ensuring that everything is planned perfectly so that the event itself is executed perfectly and with success.

Our Experience

With many years in the event planning and event management industry, EventWise NI will bring, a wealth of best practice in event management to the table. You need not worry about your event not being planned perfectly, as we will be in control at all times.

Our Contacts

We have a wealth of contacts in the hotel industry as well as contacts within conference centres, theatres, museums, business centres, community centres and art galleries, we can get that perfect venue for you which will suit your event.

Our Communication

We keep you informed during all stages whilst we plan your event. We like our clients to know exactly what stage we are at, so that they can give their input should they wish. Our communication is something which we have been commended on since we began our business.

Our Competitive Pricing

Our pricing strategy at EventWise NI is highly competitive in the market, without compensating on the quality and the timeline of project delivery. Our years of experience negotiating with vendors will ensure we secure the very best pricing for your event.

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Speakers and Trainers | EventWise NI

Kate Lucre

Kate Lucre

Psychotherapist & Speaker
Professor Paul Gilbert OBE

Professor Paul Gilbert OBE

Creator of CFT & Speaker
Dr. Janina Fisher

Dr. Janina Fisher

Clinical Psychologist & Speaker
Dr. Ad de Jongh and Dr. Suzy Matthijssen

Dr. Ad de Jongh and Dr. Suzy Matthijssen

Clinical Psychologist & EMDR Trainer
John Higgs

John Higgs

Psychologist & Speaker
Dr Mary Welford

Dr Mary Welford

Clinical Psychologist, Author, Researcher, Speaker
Tobyn Bell

Tobyn Bell

Compassion-Focused Therapist & Speaker
Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee

Clinical Psychologist, Researcher & Speaker

Our News

Our News


See what our clients & attendees have to say about us!
Another fantastic CFT training organised by the famous Tally from EventWise NI. I enjoyed every minute! Genuinely excited for the next event. I have the CFT bug and the fact that these events are impeccably arranged and managed by the professional and personable Tally is such a bonus. Thank you so much to EventWise NI for bringing CFT to our shores.
Ciara Murray
Ciara Murray
Attended event organised by EventWise NI. Extremely well run and supported. Would attend other events through EventWise NI. Confident that it would be of a similar standard.
Had a wonderful two days with a lovely group of people and a fabulous trainer in chair work for CFT last week in Belfast - organised by EventWise NI. It was made all the better with Tally at the helm. Tally ensures you're taken care of and looks after all of your needs. Thanks so much again. Tara.
Tara Deehan
Tara Deehan
I attended a workshop recently organised by Eventwise NI. Thoughtful about the attendees needs throughout the two days of training. Great attention to detail and I especially loved the little box of complimentary goodies.
Facebook Testimonial
Facebook Testimonial
Just back from a Therapists Retreat in was a unique developmental experience, creatively and thoughtfully organised by Tally at EventWise NI, and expertly led Dr Deborah Lee...very highly recommended!
Robert Rauch
Robert Rauch
Events that enable growth amongst therapists rather than simple training are rare, and as rare opportunities go to work with and bond with colleagues and ultimately new friends, this was exceptional.
Michael Appleton
Michael Appleton
I attended an excellent workshop and retreat. I would highly recommend it to any therapist who needs to take time out for reflection and healing from both work and personal challenges. It really does help to generate a refreshing and safe space to recalibrate and prioritise your practice and personal life.
Gerard Butcher
Gerard Butcher
The splendour of the Wild Atlantic Way, the warmth of the Irish folk and the beautiful green rolling hills of Donegal, afforded us the most special experience during the Donegal Retreat. The workshop content covering Compassionate Focus Therapy with Dr Deborah Lee was just that, compassionate yet informative, with a gentle mix of cognitive content, self- reflection and sharing, in a safe and confidential space. Coupled with interesting activities to include morning yoga on the beach, a boat trip, camp fire at night on the beach and an optional walk up to Sliabh Liag, there was something to suit everyone. The attention to detail and superior quality of delivery, both from the event organiser Tally, and the lead Clinical Psychologist Dr Deborah Lee, made it special indeed, adding value and enhancing self worth, in a safe, friendly and non- judgemental environment, with like- minded people. I would highly recommend doing this retreat and look forward to going to another workshop!
Chantal Sargent
Chantal Sargent

No. 1 Choice for Events

EventWise NI are the no.1 choice for events. Our hands-on approach coupled with our great communication are two of the reasons why we have been so successful to date.

Specialist in CFT Events

EventWise NI are specialists in events, including Compassion Focused Therapy events. CFT aims to help promote mental and emotional healing; encouraging people to be compassionate.

10 years experience

Here at EventWise NI, we are experts at what we do. We have over 10 years experience in event management and thus live and breathe all things 'events.'

Bringing Live & Digital Events Together

EventWise NI are not only experts in live events but we also specialise in digital events. If you are looking to see how we can help you, contact us now.
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