The Secret to a Successful Online Event


Top Tricks and tips for a successful Online Event!

EventWise NI have been fortunate enough to be able to facilitate online events since Covid hit our industry last March.  We have learned A LOT of tips, tricks and things to avoid along the way.

EventWise NI utilize a 3-step system – Pre, During and Post Event Management. This is key to a successful event, because skipping any one of these steps will compromise the quality and consistency your attendees receive, as well as the success rate of future events.

For example, without a thorough Pre-event to-do list, some attendees might not receive that all important Zoom link. Or if your speaker’s internet connection isn’t means tested before the event, their sound/video quality might be compromised during your event and that spells disaster.

During your event, it is essential to have a seamless transition between speakers sharing their screens, breakout rooms, chat questions and whiteboard use, otherwise your professionalism and the professionalism of your company will be in question.

Finally, most people forget about the importance of a post-event evaluation and this is a big mistake. How else can you learn about what your attendees liked and, more importantly, disliked so that your company’s future events can improve?

Below are the services we can offer you to make your next online event a resounding success!



* Email lists and attendee admin

* Speaker briefs and internet connection testing

* Unlimited participant package on Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

* Speaker Zoom training ie. using whiteboards,  sharing screen etc. (if needed)


During Your Event

* Breakout Rooms

* Managing Chat Q&A

* Recordings – Meetings and Breakout Rooms

* Polls

* Spotlight speaker facilitation

* Whiteboard Use


Post- Event

* Attendee Evaluation (Survey Monkey) and  Report

* Speaker Debrief and Evaluation


PLUS: Anything else you may require!ūüėä

For more Top Tips and Tricks or to discuss your next virtual event, get in touch and lets have a chat about how to make your online event a successful one!

Tally Knipe, Director of EventWise NI